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Tenants - Terms and Conditions


(A)   Tenancy Application

  1. All persons aged eighteen years or above are required to complete an initial property referencing application.
  2. All prospective tenant(s) and guarantors are required to provide references, which shall be verified by Goldex Sales and Lettings on the landlord’s behalf. Referencing sources include, but are not limited to, a bank reference (for which you may incur a nominal fee); credit reference; employer’s reference; previous landlord reference; and accountant’s reference. Photo identification in the form of a passport or EU driving license will also be required.
  3. As indication of your serious intentions to proceed, a holding deposit must be paid. The total holding deposit sum will be deducted from your security deposit should your tenancy application be successful. In circumstances where the landlord decides not to proceed with your application at his/her discretion, Goldex Sales and Lettings will endeavour to reimburse your holding deposit, minus any reasonable costs incurred in the process.
  4. The holding deposit may be non-refundable in full (i) should you or any proposed joint tenant decide to withdraw the application after references have been sought and/or tenancy documents been prepared and/or preparations for the tenancy put in hand; (ii) due to your actions the tenancy is unable to proceed within one month of the agreed start date; (iii) you have provided misleading or false information, which cannot reasonably be construed as an unknown mistake.

(B)   Tenancy Agreement

  1. Before the commencement of any tenancy issued by Goldex Sales and Lettings, a tenancy agreement document detailing both the tenant and landlord’s legal obligations must be agreed upon and signed by both parties.
  2. Preparation of the tenancy agreement and administration charges for renewal/extension are payable by the tenant.
  3. Should the tenant(s) named on the application form need to be amended at any point during the preparation of the tenancy agreement, it is your obligation to inform Goldex Sales and Lettings.
  4. Subject to approval of the proposed new tenants, a revised agreement shall be prepared for signature.

(C)   Security Deposit

  1. A security deposit equivalent to 5 weeks rent must be paid in full before the tenancy agreement can take effect. Goldex Sales and Lettings will register the full deposit sum with the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) or your landlord (subject to agreement).
  2. The security deposit is held against any damages or expenses should any arise during your tenancy period and will not be released until (i) the property in question is vacated, (ii) all rent has been paid up to date, and (iii) all deposit deductions(if applicable) have been agreed in writing by both the landlord and tenant upon termination of the tenancy.
  3. Goldex Sales and Lettings excludes liability in relation to loss caused by the insolvency of any financial institution, which holds deposits in its contracts with landlords and tenants.
  4. The tenancy agreement is contracted between the landlord and the tenant, therefore the tenant may not hold Goldex Sales and Lettings liable for any deductions, disputed or otherwise, made from the deposit.
Security Deposit 1 Months rent


(D)   Security Deposit Protection

  1. When a security deposit is paid to a landlord or agent, it shall be protected by an authorised government deposit protection scheme. This is to ensure you receive your deposit in full upon termination of your tenancy, where you are entitled to it, and any disputes can be resolved more efficiently.
  2. Within 14 days of depositing your payment, your landlord or agent is required to provide details of how your deposit is protected. This includes full contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme used as well as the protocol one should follow if a conflict were to arise.


(E)   Guarantor Agreement

  1. Should a landlord require a guarantor to be assigned, Goldex Sales and Lettings will prepare a guarantor agreement and incorporate a break clause into the tenancy agreement.
  2. The guarantor will be regarded as having agreed to take joint responsibility for (i) paying rent of the property in accordance with the tenancy agreement, (ii) any rent arrears, (iii) any damages that outweigh the sum of the security deposit, (iv) any other such costs associated with the named tenant.

(F)   Inventory

  1. Goldex Sales and Letting will be instructed by the landlord as to what arrangements are to be made with regards to the inventory upon checking-in. Unless agreed otherwise, the landlord will be responsible for the cost of the inventory at check-in.
  2. The cost of check-out is payable by the tenant, as well reimbursement for any missed appointment dates. We advise you to make yourself available for the check-in and check-out.
  3. Should a landlord organise a check-out inspection independently of Goldex Sales and Lettings, the cost may vary.

(G)   Rental Payments

  1. The first instalment of rent must be paid in full cleared funds, in conjunction with signing the tenancy agreement.
  2. Thereafter, rent is payable by standing order (unless agreed otherwise) to arrive in accordance with the rent date stated on the tenancy agreement.
  3. A single full payment transaction is required each month, multiple standing orders are not accepted.


(H)   Management of the Property

  1. Agent’s Obligations
  • All tenant’s shall be made aware, before the tenancy commences, as to who is responsible for the management of the rental property. Should Goldex Sales and Lettings be instructed to manage your property and possess the keys, we will commit to assisting you in resolving all matters and engage the services of our highly trusted and reliable contractors, if required.
  • Should Goldex Sales and Lettings not be instructed to manage your property, we cannot authorise any repairs or maintenance, and your agent should be contacted directly.
  1. Tenant(s) Obligations
  • Responsibility and day-to-day wellbeing of the property rests with the tenant(s) for the full period specified in the tenancy agreement. It shall be the tenant(s) duty to ensure the upkeep of the property and ensure it remains in the same condition documented in the inventory.
  • It is of particular importance to ensure any gas and electrical issues are reported immediately, and the property is left fully secure when vacant at any time. Extra caution must be taken during the winter months in order to prevent the freezing of the water and heating systems.
  • Where the property is a leasehold, usually flats and maisonettes, the tenant will be bound by the rules and regulations affecting all other residents within the property, as contained in the head lease.


(I)   Property Visits

  1. Properties may be subject to visits by the management agent. The purpose of these visits is to check the general condition of the property, both internally and externally, with regards to its cleanliness and overall wellbeing.
  2. In advance of any visits, a mutually agreed appointment date will always be scheduled.


(J)   Utilities

  1. The tenant(s) is responsible for the payment of telephone, gas, water, electricity, tv-license, internet broadband and any other such bills associated with the property, for the duration of the tenancy term. Council tax is also payable by the tenant.
  2. It is the tenants duty to identify themselves and notify the relevant utility providers and local authority as to when they shall be occupying and vacating the rental property.
  3. Utility companies may also require the occupant to provide access for visits (installations/checks); such matters are to be dealt with by the tenant.


(K)   Amendments

  1. Goldex Sales and Lettings reserves the right to change its schedule of terms and conditions upon providing reasonable notice in writing.


 (L)   Additional

  1. Restrictions to Subletting
    • It is agreed that you shall enter into a private residential tenancy in your name and that you will not (i) sublet the property; (ii) advertise the property on any print or other media, including (but not limited to) internet-based marketing websites/ social media/messaging websites/apps (iii) take in paying guests or lodgers without the prior consent of the letting agent and landlord.
  2. Contents Insurance
    • It shall be the tenant’s responsibility to insure all personal belongings throughout the tenancy.
  3. Tenant References
  • Goldex Sales and Lettings are more than happy to provide a reference on your behalf, for any subsequent tenancy, should the need arise.

  1.  Emergency Scenarios
    • In the unfortunate event of a burglary, fire, or any such emergency situation, the local authorities should be contacted immediately. Goldex Sales and Lettings and the landlord should also be notified at an appropriate time.
  2. Taxation
    • If a tenant pays rent directly to a landlord’s bank account, who identifies as an overseas resident, the tenant shall be responsible for applying the provisions of the HM Revenue and Customs. Such provisions do not apply where rent is payable directly to Goldex Sales and Lettings.

(M)   Complaints Procedure

  1. Should an individual have any issues over the service provided by Goldex Sales and Lettings, which cannot be resolved by the associated lettings negotiator, you should write to the office manager who will happily do their upmost to remedy the situation. The office manager shall attempt to acknowledge receipt of any complaint within 3 working days and initiate an investigation into the matter. A formal response shall be returned within 15 working days.
  2. Should you remain dissatisfied, you are welcome to contact the Director of Customer Services and Compliance (DCSC).
  3. Following the DCSC’s investigation, a written statement expressing Goldex Sales and Lettings’ final proposition will be sent to the individual in question.
  4. All individual’s reserve the right to refer matters to The Property Ombudsman (TPO).


It is important that you read and understand the following terms and conditions. If there are any terms you do not understand, you should seek the advice of a Goldex Sales and Lettings member of staff or seek independent advice.