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The Buying Process

Sales Guide


  1. Find Us – The first step is to find us in our Gillingham based office or alternatively call us on 01634 567 654.
  2. Register Your Interest – Discover your property requirements with one of our agents.
  3. Find Property – Once we have discussed your requirements we will send you a list of properties that match your specific criteria.
  4. Make an Offer – Once you have found your ideal property we will send your information to the seller. You may be asked to provide evidence that you are able to proceed. There are no legal obligations on either side until the contracts are signed.
  5. Offer Agreed – Upon the acceptance of your offer we will prepare a memorandum of sale, write to each party to confirm the agreed price and ask you to confirm the details of your solicitor and mortgage broker.
  6. Instructing a Solicitor/Conveyancing – To successfully purchase a property you need to find a solicitor, ideally one who is familiar with the area that you are moving to and specialises in conveyancing. Your solicitor will raise any enquiries upon receiving the receipt of the draft contract from the solicitor of the seller and refer to the information provided in the seller’s Home Information Pack. They will also request their own local searches and arrange and agree upon a date for the exchanging of contracts.
  7. Survey & Mortgage Offer – A surveyor will advise on the value of the property and will look for any structural issues. Upon completion of this, you will be sent a formal mortgage offer which will need your solicitor’s signature before it is returned.
  8. Exchange of contracts – When all factors have been agreed upon and the contracted has been signed by both the seller and the buyer, your solicitor will transfer the deposit to the seller’s solicitor.
  9. Completion – Once the residual monies has been sent to the seller’s solicitor (via your solicitor) and the money has been cleared, the keys will be handed over and the process is complete.